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Dr Zhang Hai Hua

Dr Zhang Hai Hua

Born in mainland China, Hai Hua (Helen) is a writer, speaker and China advisor. After 25 years living and working in three countries (China, Australia and the United Kingdom), her passion remains in helping people and businesses from all cultures to better understand, appreciate and work with each other.

In her early career, Helen worked in management consulting, investment banking and various managerial positions in Australia, Hong Kong and mainland China. She has been privileged to work for and with some of the most inspiring business, academic and political leaders as well as organisations across a broad range of industries around the globe.

More recently, she has lectured in various universities and colleges on China, spoken on various high level conferences and forums, delivered executive workshops on topics related to China and Chinese people from a business perspective. She is gifted with the ability to explain highly complex issues such as how Chinese think, and communicate her perspective and insights through stories, sayings and practical illustrations.

Helen received her PhD from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; she also has a MBA and a Master of Business in Finance from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia; and a BA (English Language and Literature) from Peking University, China.

Helen’s personal interest lies in the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth, in serving a higher purpose and making a unique contribution.

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