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Vanessa Bates

Vanessa Bates

An award-winning writer of theatre, television, radio drama and film, Vanessa’s plays have been produced by theatre companies around Australia including Malthouse Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company, Vitalstatistix, Black Swan, The New Theatre, theatre@risk, Deckchair, atyp, Tantrum Theatre and Belvoir B-Sharp. Plays include: Every Second, The Magic Hour, Porn.Cake, Checklist for an Armed Robber, Match, Petunia Takes Tea and Darling Oscar.

She has had several monologues/solo performance plays produced, including Hunger (Griffin), First Light (atyp), The World’s Tiniest Monkey (NovemberISM),The Magic Hour (Deckchair Theatre), The Night We Lost Jenny (New Theatre), and Homemade (New Theatre).

Vanessa has taught playwriting and/or mentored playwriting students at NIDA and atyp as well as Writers’ Centres in Sydney and Newcastle. Vanessa is PWA Playwright in Residence at Griffin Theatre, a graduate of NIDA Playwrights’ Studio and one- seventh of playwrights’ company 7-ON. Her newest play Every Second was selected for the 2012 National Play Festival.

Titles by Vanessa Bates:


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