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Janet B L Chan

Janet B L Chan

Janet Chan is a Professor at the School of Social Science and Policy, University of New South Wales.

Janetís research interest has been in reforms and innovations in criminal justice, policing and, more recently, creativity in the arts and sciences. She has published extensively on criminal justice policy and practice.

Her publications include: Doing Less Time: Penal Reform in Crisis (1992); Preventing Juvenile Property Crime: A Review of the Literature (with the assistance of Doran (1994); The Price of Justice: Lengthy Criminal Trials in Australia (with Barnes 1995); Changing Police Culture (1997); e-Policing: The Impact of Information Technology on Police Practices (with Brereton, Legosz and Doran, 2001); Managing Prejudicial Publicity: An Empirical Study of Criminal Jury Trials in New South Wales (with Chesterman and Hampton, 2001); and Fair Cop: Learning the Art of Policing (with Devery and Doran, 2003).

Janet is also a part-time Commissioner of the NSW Law Reform Commission and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

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