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Gender, 'Race' and International Relations

Gender, 'Race' and International Relations

Violence against Filipino women in Australia

By Chris Cunneen and Julie Stubbs


This book examines the over-representation of Filipino women as victims of homicide in Australia. The authors argue that the vulnerability of Filipino women to violence in this country can only be understood through the intersection of representations of gender and race within the context of international relations. The work examines homicide and domestic violence, immigration and the marketing of marriage and sex, and the Internet as a specific site through which idealised constructions of ‘Asian’ women are commodified to be accessed by ‘Western’ men.

"… a sensitive analysis of the complex web of race, gender and class … I congratulate the authors on their work and heartily endorse this book."
Zita Antonios, Race Discrimination Commissioner


Part One: Filipino women in Australia

Chapter One: The research project

Introduction/ Framing the research/ First world/Third world relations/ Gender relations: An intersectional approach/ Outline of the monograph

Chapter Two: Filipino women in Australia

Migration patterns within and from the Phillipines/ The migration of Filipino women to Australia/ Migration to Australia for the purpose of marriage/ Sponsors and their motivations/ Serial sponsorship/ Tours and introduction agencies, and the Internet

Chapter Three: Violence against Filipino women in Australia

Homicides of Filipino women in Australia/ Domestic violence against Filipino women in Australia/ Obstacles to protection and support/ The legal system's response to violence against Filipino women/ Access to law and justice/ Immigration issues

Part Two: Case studies of homicide

Chapter Four: Homicide case studies

Background/ Case studies

Chapter Five: Issues from the case studies

Homicide and intimate relationships/ Murder as control/ Murder suicide/ Homicides and ethnicity/ The age difference between the Filipino women and their partners/ Sponsorship and homicide/ Previous violence against other women/ Class, economics and murder/ Violence and protection/ Sentencing issues/ Deaths arising from other criminal activities/ Commonalities and dissimilarities in the violence against Filipino women/ The absent voice

Part Three: Representations and violence

Chapter Six:  Masculinity, fantasy and violence

Representations of Filipino women/ Masculinity and fantasy on the Internet/ Masculinity and violence

Chapter Seven: Conclusion

References / Appendices

Appendix One: 'A Foreign Affair'
Appendix Two: 'Philippines - Girls - Travel - Business - Penpals'
Appendix Three: Recommendations


Published September 1997
Publisher Institute of Criminology, Sydney
ISBN 9781864510515
Australian RRP $32.94
International Price $31.00
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Criminology & Policing - Criminology
Asian Studies
Women's Studies
Gender & Sexuality

Institute of Criminology, Sydney, Monograph Series

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