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Annotated Standing Orders of the New South Wales Legislative Council

With Susan Want, Jenelle Moore and Edited by David Blunt

The Annotated Standing Orders of the New South Wales Legislative Council is a comprehensive commentary charting the purpose, development and modern operation of the rules of procedure of the Legislative Council. Canvassing over 150 years of proceedings of the House and its committees, the Annotated Standing Orders provides interesting anecdotes and important precedents to rules in common use today and rules less seldom used, even obscure. The work renders the seemingly complex and impenetrable language and practice of parliamentary procedure in the Westminster tradition, as it has developed in the Legislative Council, accessible to members, parliamentary officers and others with an interest in parliamentary law, practice and procedure.

Key features:

  • A concise summary of the purpose and development of each current rule.
  • Explanations and examples of the practical operation of regularly used rules and the creative use of seldom used procedures.
  • A chronology of the adoption, repeal and amendment of the rules and orders of the Legislative Council since 1824
  • Practical illustration of the role of parliamentary procedure in upholding the core principles of freedom of speech, the rights of the minority, and the function of the Council as a House of Review.

Publishing 28 February 2018
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781760021566
Australian RRP $225.00
International Price $205.00
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Government / Political Studies

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