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Spirited Cities

Spirited Cities

Urban planning, traffic and environmental management

Edited by Robert Freestone


Twenty essays confront issues of vital importance to Australian cities - to the places we live, what they are, what they could be. They range from the international experience to the social and 'dream' experience of the home and suburb. There are historical overviews and visions for future change and planning approach. Roads, water and public transport are all addressed.

The essays are written in honour of Hans Westerman, planner, academic and visionary and himself a contributor to the book.


Introduction: Hans Westerman and planning for options

Robert Freestone

Planning, Professionalism and Practice

Professional Challenges in Local Planning
Danny Wiggins
Planning Education in the 1990s
Stephen Harris
Planning and Computer Technology
Peter Murphy and Robert Zehner

Cross-cultural Perspectives

International Consultation and Cooperation in Urban Planning:
The human dimension
Dirk Bolt
Planning for Hazardous and Offensive Development
Sam Haddad
The Reduction of Car Use through Urban Management: The Dutch way
Saskia Kuiper

Roads and Environments

Environmental Adaptation of Roads and Frontages
John Black
Integrated Environmental Road Planning: A policy perspective
Bruce McNamara, Peter Croft and Maxine Cooper
Postmodern Streets: An urban design perspective
Tamas Lukovich

Society, Suburb and Home

Cities of Dreams and Fantasy: Social planning in a postmodern era
Sophie Watson
Home: A window on the human face of planning
Susan Thompson
The Development of the Australian Model Code for Residential Development
Barry Howe

Metropolitan Planning

Metropolitan Planning in Hobart
Malcolm Clark
Consistent Vision: The planning of metropolitan Adelaide 1962-1992
Alan Hutchings
Metropolitan Strategies for Sydney 1909-2009
Bob Meyer
Canberra: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
James Conner

Improving the Planning System

Towards More Effective Structures at the Local Level
Andrew Kelly and John Mant
Improving the Development Assessment Process
Sean O'Toole
The Better Cities Program: A catalyst for urban reform
Geoff Campbell
Realising the Consolidated City
Hans Westerman

Figures/ Tables/ Bibliography of Hans Westerman/ Index

Published September 1993
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862870956
Australian RRP $38.50
International Price $36.00
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Urban Planning

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