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Economic Union in Federal Systems

Edited by Anne Mullins and Cheryl Saunders


A study of the constitutional and other arrangements federal systems make to secure economic advantage without sacrificing the benefits of federalism.

By reference to their own country, international authors consider a wide range of topics on which integration and a unitary system clash with diversity and federalism.


Australian Economic Union
Cheryl Saunders
The Federalist Revolution And The Way To Peace
Daniel J Elazar
Economic Union and Federal Diversity: Should a Coca-Cola Bottle Carry 51 Health Warnings and, If So, in What Language?
John Kincaid
Mutual Recognition in Federal Type Systems
Giandomenico Majone
Economic Integration and Equality in Federations: The Case of Canada
Douglas M Brown and Peter M Leslie
Equity and Efficiency Aspects of Regional Redistribution Policies in Spain
Guillem Lopez-Casasnovas
Fiscal Federalism in Germany
Dieter Biehl
External Limits on State Taxation of Business Activities
Henry A Coleman
Between Economic Union and Political Union: European Monetary Union, Federalism and the 'Bundesbank Analogy'
Daniel Wincott
The Influence on Swiss Federalism of Potential Membership of the European Community
Nicolas Schmitt

Published August 1994
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871236
Australian RRP $66.00
International Price $60.00
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Law - Constitutional
Law - International

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