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Technological Change and The City

Technological Change and The City

Edited by Patrick N Troy AO


This book looks at the complex relationships between cities, technology, economic factors, environmental factors and social factors. It points out how the form and structure of today’s Australian cities, the conditions in our cities, and the choices about how we want our cities to be in the future are dependent on the decisions, practices, activities and investments made yesterday and today.

Reporting research on the major effects on the city of changes in the retailing industry, land use and transport, water sewerage and drainage services, communications, manufacturing and building, it describes inter alia how the information age, global economics, innovation in the production system and environmental considerations are changing not only the way life is lived and business is done in the city, but also how urban space is used and organised, and how in turn these changes raise important social questions and challenge the very meaning of what constitutes a city.


Introduction: Technological Change and Urban Development

Patrick N Troy

Part I Historical Perspective

Infrastructure, Technology and Change: A Historical Perspective
Lionel Frost and Tony Dingle

Part II Technological Change and Urban Services

Transport Technology and Urban Development
Ray Brindle
Water, Sewerage and Drainage
Clem Lloyd
Don Lamberton
The Emporium’s New Clothes: Retailing Technological Change and Urban Development
Alastair Whyte Greig
Construction Technology and Urban Development
Marton Marosszeky

Part III The City and Innovation

Technology, Innovation and the City: Three Analytical Approaches
Jane Marceau
Cities as Technology Generators
Jim Falk
Tomorrow’s Metropolis: Virtualisation Takes Command: Technology, Institutions, Policy and Design in the Information Age
Peter Droege

References/ Index

Published November 1995
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871847
Australian RRP $38.50
International Price $36.00
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