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Manufacturing Prosperity

Manufacturing Prosperity

Ideas for industry, technology and employment

Edited by Rodin Genoff and Roy Green


In Manufacturing Prosperity, industry leaders and prominent academics review the current state of the Australian and New Zealand economies. They make the case for a coherent industry policy to create long-term growth and jobs, and discuss what is needed to develop knowledge industries of the future.

Their contributions cover:

  • building a competitive advantage
  • new technologies and skills
  • industry networking
  • regional development
  • investing in infrastructure.
Which is the way forward for Australia and New Zealand now that all the major reports and submissions on industry policy, such as the Mortimer review of business assistance, are in? Do proposals measure up to the scale of the challenge? What realistic alternatives do we have in an increasingly deregulated global environment?

This book challenges the myth that the world is moving to a post-industrial future and "recognises the importance of the manufacturing sector to Australia’s economic prospects and industry’s current focus on innovation, design, research and development."



W Hutton

Introduction: What is Industry Policy?

R Green and R Genoff

Why Manufacturing

Tackling the Current Account Deficit
F Gelber
Free Trade Mythology and the Importance of Manufacturing
D Sicklen
Rebuilding the Nation’s Infrastructure
S Dowrick and S Lau
Competitive Advantage in the Regions
G Larcombe and P Brain

Industry Perspectives

Developing a Value-Creating Enterprise Culture 82
J Legge
Beyond the Myth of the Level Playing Field 90
J White
Manufacturing Lessons from New Zealand 101
P Harris
Telecommunications – Future Policy Options 110
A Gosman
Autos – Planning for Growth 125
D Morgan
Re-engineering Australian Manufacturing 132
G Sheather

New Directions

Ideas for Australian Industry Policy
P Roberts
Charting the Way Forward for Manufacturing 180
J Hanna
Policy Directions for the 21st Century 196
D Cameron and N Apple
Ideas for New Zealand Industry 211
K Rankin
Developing Business through Networks 224
M Perry and S Goldfinch
Rebirth of Australian Industry Revisited 236
P Sheehan



"A useful overview and guide through a period of very active debate in Australian policy, through 1996 and 1997. … The book is recommended to anyone interested in [these] debates. Useful summaries of the key reports are presented."

The Economic and Labour Relations Review, 2001


Published March 1998
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862872851
Australian RRP $43.94
International Price $42.00
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