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Ethics and Political Practice

Ethics and Political Practice

Perspectives on legislative ethics

Edited by Noel Preston, Charles Sampford and C-A Bois


Published with Routledge.

Legislative ethics - does such a thing exist? Can it?

This book answers in contrast to the apparent agreement among the media and the public that the answer to both questions is a resounding 'No!'.

Ethics and Political Practice considers both the existing problems, in term of perception (by the public and legislators themselves), institutions, education and procedures, and suggests ways forward for engendering and maintaining a healthy ethical community in the legislative sphere. Codes of conduct, the role of the media, the need for education and a balance between a maximalist versus a minimalist approach are discussed.


The Editors
Signposts in Political Ethics
John Uhr
‘Appearance’ as an Ethical Standard
Alan Rosenthal
Strange Distinctions: Parliamentarians, Political Parties and Legislative Ethics Research
Rodney Smith
Politics, Public Life and the Ethical Imperative
WG Hayden
Politicising Ethics: Scandal and the American Experience
Maureen Mancuso
Ethics Counsellor: The Canadian Experience
Howard Wilson
Changing Institutional Ethics: The New Zealand Case
Colin Hicks
Watchdog or Attack Dog? The Media, Politics and Ethics
Stephen Tanner
Constructing Codes: Pitfalls and Challenges
Meredith Burgmann
Insider’s Viewpoints: contributions from current and former politicians
Michael Beahan
Cheryl Kernot
Prospects and Challenges for Legislative Ethics
Noel Preston

Codes of Conduct and Legislation from the US, UK, Canada, Australia & Hong Kong
References/ Index

Published August 1998
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862872912
Australian RRP $49.50
International Price $47.50
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Government / Political Studies

Law, Ethics and Public Affairs Series

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