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Australians and the Arts

Australians and the Arts

By Paul Constantoura


This book is the full version of the Saatchi and Saatchie report, Australians and the arts. It provides detailed answers to the questions raised about how Australians really see the arts.

A snapshot of the main findings can be viewed in more than 90 boxes which offer easy-to-read explanations of the outcome of the national survey of Australian’s attitudes towards the arts. However, for those interested in the more detailed analysis, there are almost 100 charts and tables in the body of the report. These are accompanied by a full explanation of how the survey was conducted, how people responded and what each finding means for promoting the value of the arts to all Australians.

It is supplemented by almost 200 additional charts and tables on the associated CD-ROM which also includes quotes of the views expressed by people participating in the study.


Foreword - The Australia Council

Foreword - Saatchi & Saatchi

Table of contents - detailed

Book guide
Comparison of book with CD-Rom
List of comments/ List of recommendations/ List of profiles/ List of tables/ List of graphs and figures

Australians and the arts - a snapshot

Fierce argument - the groups for and against the arts

To value, like or dislike the arts - the big questions

The place of the arts in modern life

Defining and explaining the arts

Enjoying and being involved in the arts

The importance of background and lifestage in shaping attitudes

The arts today and in the future


The formal recommendations
The elements of a strategy
The attitudinal segments in detail
About the study

Published October 2001
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862873872
Australian RRP $75.00
International Price $70.00
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Literary Studies
Australian History / Studies
Social Studies

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