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Nationality, Refugee Status and State Protection

Nationality, Refugee Status and State Protection

Edited by Savitri Taylor


Nationality, Refugee Status and State Protection is a special issue (Volume 22 No 2 ) of the journal Law in Context. The contents are listed below. You can read the abstract for each chapter by clicking on its title.

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     Savitri Taylor
Preparation of a Nationality Law: Promoting the Legal Identity of Women in the Field of Nationality
     Carol Batchelor
The Lottery of Citizenship: The Changing Significance of Birthplace, Territory and Residence to the Australian Membership Prize
     Kim Rubenstein
Refugee Law and the Measure of Globalisation
     Catherine Dauvergne
What We Have Done with the Refugee Convention: The Australian Way
     Susan Kneebone
Lonely Refuge: Judicial Responses to Separated Children Seeking Refugee Protection in Australia
     Mary Crock
Political Transitions and the Cessation of Refugee Status: Some Lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq
     William Maley

Published 6 April 2005
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862875241
Australian RRP $33.00
International Price $30.00
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