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People and Politics in Regional New South Wales - 1856 - 2006

Volume 1-2 (Set)

Edited by Jim Hagan


This two-volume work recounts the political history of each of the eleven regions of country NSW from the time of the first democratic election in 1856 through to 2006. It shows how the different regions with varying and changing problems found political solutions to their particular local issues. It is full of names and places and events, and explains why some people were elected to parliament, and what they promised, and why others were rejected. It shows how the issues changed as the regional economy and demographics changed over the 150 year period.

Volume One covers from 1856 through to 1950s. Volume Two covers from the 1950s to 2006. Each Volume is available separately or can be purchased as a Set.

Sesquicentenary 1856-2006 Responsible Government in New South Wales   A NSW Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government publication.


    The authors of these thought-provoking chapters are not afraid to state their arguments up front. Many of the best chapters have strong analytical and thematic structures which avoid a dry narrative. The design and presentation… is excellent. … The two volumes are engagingly written, break new ground, and represent a timely extension of political history outside the concerns of parliament house and city-based politics, even if they do not fully deliver on their promise to make the electors the focus.

    Australian Historical Studies, Vol 38 No 130, October 2007

    The great merit of these books is that the story is well told, the arguments are sound, and the colour of an important part of the state’s politics is central to the narrative. The editor and author are to be complemented on an excellent production that is groundbreaking and will be essential reading for future historians and political scientists.

    Scott Bennett, Commonwealth Parliamentary Library, Australian Journal of Political Science Vol 42 No 4, December 2007


    Published 25 July 2006
    Publisher The Federation Press
    ISBN 9781862875708
    Australian RRP $54.95
    International Price $50.00
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    Australian History / Studies
    Government / Political Studies

    NSW Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government

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