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Interpreters and the Legal System

Interpreters and the Legal System

By Kathy Laster and Veronica Taylor


Competent interpreters are essential if a legal system is to serve the needs of a multicultural, multi-lingual society. Competent lawyers need to understand the issues of culture and language and how to work effectively with interpreters.

This book contains law, critique and a case study of the way in which legal culture is grappling with multiculturalism in Australia and New Zealand. It takes a contemporary approach to language and law, starting from the premise that culture, language and law are inexorably linked.

Contains detailed discussion of crucial topics such as:

  • the legal 'right' to an interpreter
  • interpreters in criminal investigations, courts and tribunals
  • the role of interpreters and their strategic importance
  • interpreter accountability and ethics.


Accommodating Cultural Diversity within the Legal System
Interpreting in the Australian Context
Interpreters and the Legal Process
The 'Right' to an Interpreter
The Role of the Interpreter
Interpreters and Criminal Investigation
Interpreters and the Court
Interpreter Accountability and Ethics

Federal and State legislation relating to interpreters
AUSIT Code of Ethics for interpreters and translators/Victorian Ethnic Affairs Commission Code of Ethics for Legal Interpreters
Summary of guidelines for working with professional interpreters

Table of Cases/ Table of Statutes/ References/ Index

Published March 1994
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862878570
Australian RRP $38.50
International Price $35.00
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Law - Evidence
Law - Civil Litigation

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