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Intellectual Property and New Technologies

Intellectual Property and New Technologies

Edited by David Wishart


This volume of Law in Context focuses on the legal issues raised by the digital revolution. It presents new perspectives on familiar questions about the effectiveness of intellectual property in promoting innovation and protecting privacy. The articles address such issues as:

  • heritage and cultural property protection in an age of instant reproduction and voracious knowledge exploitation;
  • the difficulties faced by developing nations and by China in dealing with intellectual property;
  • cyberspace and the implications for privacy law;
  • improving the patent system to promote innovation; and
  • copyright and digitisation processes in New Zealand museums.

This volume goes beyond conventional wisdom and disciplinary orthodoxy to re-evaluate innovation, communication and law in an era of rapid technological change.

Intellectual Property and New Technologies is a special issue (Volume 29 No 1) of the journal Law in Context. You can purchase a single copy of this issue through this page, or subscribe to the journal from the journal page.


The Future of Intellectual Property at the Law and Technology Event Horizon
      Charles Lawson

The Faulty Door of Cyberspace and Implications for Privacy Law
      Marc Trabsky, Julian Thomas, Megan Richardson

Improving the Patent System to Promote Innovation: An Information Technology Case Study
      Natalie P Stoianoff

Copyright Norms and Flexibilities and the Digitisation Practices of New Zealand Museums
      Susan Corbett

At the Crossroads: The Relationship Between Heritage and Intellectual Property in Traditional Knowledge Protection in Southeast Asia
      Christoph Antons

Talkin’ ‘Bout Law’s Generations: Pop Culture, Intellectual Property and the Interpretation of Case Law
      Marett Leiboff

History is a Key Decoder: Why China Aims at Re-emerging as a Global Leader of Innovation
      Ken Shao


Published 16 October 2013
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862879423
Australian RRP $49.95
International Price $45.00
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