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The Price of Justice

The Price of Justice

Lengthy criminal trials in Australia

By Janet B L Chan and Lynne Barnes


Lengthy criminal trials have become a major concern in Australia. With the cost of criminal proceedings estimated at $20,000 per day, practitioners and policy-makers are keen to find ways of improving the efficiency of criminal trials.

This book describes the results of a national survey of long criminal trials in Australia. Such a survey has never been attempted in the past. Using statistical as well as interview data, the authors provide a detailed analysis of the characteristics of lengthy trials and identify the factors most significantly associated with trial duration. The findings are both useful and thought-provoking. This book makes an important contribution to the policy debate on lengthy criminal trials.


Lengthy Trials: A National Survey
Problems of Lengthy Trials/ Research Questions and Methods/ Summary

Profile of Lengthy Trials
Length of Criminal Trials/ Jurisdictional Norms/ Case Characteristics/ Use of Court and Professional Resources/ Procedural Matters/ Summary

Factors Associated with Lengthy Trials
Causes of Long Trials/ Case Characteristics/ Use of Court and Professional Resources/ Procedural Matters/ Combination of Factors/ Summary

Causes of Long Trials: Views of Practitioners
Views of Lawyers/ Views of Judges/ Longest Five Trials/ Summary

Conclusion: Reform Options
Options for Change/ The State of Reform/ Conclusion

References/ Appendices/ Index

Published November 1995
Publisher Hawkins Press
ISBN 9781876067007
Australian RRP $27.50
International Price $25.50
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Law - Criminal Law & Procedure
Criminology & Policing - Criminology

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