Australian Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Law

Australian Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Law

3rd edition

By Neil Rees, Simon Rice and Dominique Allen


This new edition of Australia’s most comprehensive book on anti-discrimination law has been fully revised and updated, re-written and reformatted to enhance its accessibility. It continues to offer both a substantial text for a specialist audience, and a powerful critique of anti-discrimination law in Australia. The authors support their analysis and explanation of legislation and case law with carefully selected extracts from a broad range of decisions, law reform reports, and academic writers and commentators.

"[T]his encyclopaedic work is simply indispensable. The authors are acknowledged experts and seasoned campaigners, and their lucid exposition is enriched by extensive quotation from the work of other expert commentators.
             The coverage is breathtaking in its scope and depth, the attention to detail astonishing. To identify the differences between State, Territory and Commonwealth provisions, topic by topic, is a work of herculean proportions, requiring meticulous care." – The Hon Justice Chris Maxwell AC (from the foreword)

Key Features of the New Edition

  • Revised introduction to and overview of Australian anti-discrimination law.
  • New standalone chapters for Protected Attributes: Race Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Carers’ Responsibilities and Other Protected Attributes.
  • Detailed account of legislative reform and developments in case law, in all nine jurisdictions, up to late 2017.
  • An account of changed complaints procedures under the Australian Human Rights Commission Act, and of the case law and public debate that triggered the changes.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the operation of special measures provisions in all of the anti-discrimination statutes.
  • Integrated discussion of the exceptions to the prohibition of discrimination for each attribute and in each area.

Published 27 February 2018
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781760021559
Australian RRP $130.00
International Price $119.00