Sexed Crime in the News

Sexed Crime in the News

Edited by Adrian Howe


What is sex crime and how is it reported in the news?

The media treat cases of sexual assault followed by murder as sex crimes, but what does murder have to do with sex? Is family violence sex crime? What is the sex of sex crime and what is sexual about crimes of violence? Are attacks on sexual minorities sex crimes? What happens when sex crime is made to declare its sex and its gender?

This book challenges the self-evidence and complacency of the idea of "sex crime" as it is reported in the print media. Confronting media-informed popular understandings of sex crime with sophisticated theoretical approaches to questions of sex and gender, the contributors invite readers to rethink the relationship between sex and violent crime. In the process, they open up the idea of sexed crime to new interpretative possibilities.


Published May 1998
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862872745
Australian RRP $27.50
International Price $26.00