It's Your Constitution

It's Your Constitution

Governing Australia today

2nd edition

By Cheryl Saunders


How do Australians have a say in their government?
Who makes decisions in government and how?
What limits are there on the powers of the Commonwealth and State governments?

Fundamental issues which go to the heart of Australian democracy and provide the themes in this book.

Writing with great insight and clarity, wearing her renowned scholarship lightly, Saunders enables all Australians to take an informed part in the current debates. She outlines how the Constitution can be altered and many of the issues which affect all Australians.

Saunders describes:

  • how the Senate and House of Representatives work
  • how much power the Prime Minister really has
  • why the High Court is so important
  • the role of the Governor-General
  • who decides how to spend taxes
  • how State and Commonwealth Governments work together

The book also contains a full copy of the Australian Constitution.


Published July 2003
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862874688
Australian RRP $35.00
International Price $31.82