Everyday Law

Everyday Law

2nd edition

By Stella Tarakson


The law is often seen as something intimidating and remote - but it shouldn’t be. It exists to serve you. Everyday Law demystifies the law by examining the workings of the Australian legal system, as well as the many legal issues that impact our everyday lives.

In this second edition, the material has naturally been thoroughly revised and updated. But it goes even further than that. New issues are constantly arising and this new edition reflects the evolving concerns of our community, such as personal privacy. And then there’s money. Recognising the importance of understanding our rights in the increasingly complex finance arena, a new Part has been added to the book.

Everyday Law 2nd edition is divided into four parts:

  • The workings of the legal system and how to access it;
  • Personal matters, such as family law, children, employment law and health and safety;
  • Property issues, including buying, renting and building a home, neighbourhood disputes, car ownership; and
  • Money matters, providing an overview of investments, insurance, consumers’ rights, debt, wills and estate administration.

This book is the first step in identifying and tackling legal problems. It helps you identify the relevant issues, then points the way for further information.


Published 27 October 2004
Co-publisher The Federation Press and Victoria Law Foundation
ISBN 9781862874947
Australian RRP $29.95
International Price $25.00