Business Law

Business Law

12th edition

By Peter Gillies


Business Law is a clear and accurate statement of the foundations of the Australian legal system, the law of contract and the major topics in commercial law.

Known for facilitating a sound and comprehensive grasp of the subject, Business Law has a strong following amongst the business and legal communities. Company directors and others in business value it as a tool to understand legal concepts involved in everyday dealings and business agreements. Legal practitioners with diverse commercial practices find it valuable as a first resource for themselves, and ideal for their clients’ use.

Contents include:

  • the nature, sources and structure of Australian law 
  • detailed coverage of the law of contract
  • business structures, such as companies, partnerships, trusts and agencies
  • negligence and liability 
  • restrictions on trade practices, and consumer protection 
  • banking and financial transactions law 
  • real and intellectual property law, including copyright, patents and trade marks
  • insurance 
  • credit law and bankruptcy.

Published 14 July 2004
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862875142
Australian RRP $85.00
International Price $80.00