So Many Firsts

So Many Firsts

Liberal women from Enid Lyons to the Turnbull era

By Margaret Fitzherbert


Inspiring and informative, So Many Firsts examines the political lives of women in the Liberal Party from Enid Lyons to today.

Annabelle Rankin, Margaret Guilfoyle, Helen Coonan and Julie Bishop are among the pioneering women who achieved so many firsts in their achievements as women, and for women.

They had many hurdles to overcome – including the long fight to extend child endowment, the battle to remove the legislative barriers to married women working in the public service, equal work, equal opportunity and equal pay – along with the notion that they could do more than only represent women’s issues. In 1948, The Mail helpfully declared of Senator Annabelle Rankin: “She tackles men’s problem’s too”.

In the Turnbull era, women are occupying many of Party’s key positions, and continue to applying their spirit and talent to achieving even more firsts for the nation.


Published 19 August 2009
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862877177
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