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Who are we?
Our publishing philosophy
Our marketing and distribution
Our publishing partners

The Federation Press is an independent, Australian-owned and run publishing company specialising in legal, social and academic books. It was founded in 1987 by Kathryn Fitzhenry, Christopher Holt and Diane Young.

In 2013 The Federation Press turned twenty-five years old. From the initial publication in June 1988 of Peter Gillies’ Business Law, we now have over 400 books in print, publish around 30-40 new books and new editions per year, are entirely self-funding and have no overdraft (nor ever have had).

Despite the size of the list, The Federation Press remains a genuine small publisher. Our seven full-time and two part-time employees sit in one large open plan office; few in number but long in experience. All information is shared and everyone knows what is going on. While everyone has a specialist function, everyone is customer service, everyone answers the phones and, when necessary, packs and despatches books.

We also publish under three specialist imprints: Hawkins Press for our criminology titles; Desert Pea Press for selected high-quality non-law titles; and Themis Press for legal research titles.

Our publishing philosophy

The Federation Press believes ideas are important and that books remain unrivalled as a forum for communication, analysis and debate on ideas. We encourage authors to write books that not only convey information but which also engage current debates and stimulate the intellect. We encourage the use of language which is clear and unambiguous.

The Federation Press endeavours to produce books as environmentally responsibly as we can. All books are printed with soy-based inks, and our books are printed on recycled paper or on internationally certified sustainable FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) paper. Working with our suppliers we are committed to promoting and strengthening the sustainability of the publishing industry.

The Federation Press makes a specific commitment to publishing books on legal and constitutional issues for a broader public. We are also a successful tertiary academic publisher with a flourishing student publishing program. We concentrate on encouraging top quality authors to write with clarity and conciseness on complicated issues so that books, which are simple to understand but not simplistic, are published at attractive prices.

The Federation Press has a well-merited reputation for speedy and efficient publication. Books are published as soon as possible after delivery and acceptance of manuscript.

Our marketing and distribution

The Federation Press uses print and digital marketing strategies for our academic and legal books. You will find our books on campuses, in legal bookshops and big chain and independent bookshops.

Our books and authors gain exposure in North America via our distribution arrangements with Irwin Law (Canada) and Gaunt Inc (US). If you live in the UK and Europe you will find many of our titles at the established UK bookseller Wildy & Sons Ltd. [hyperlink this to the Wildy website:]

Our distribution system is outstanding. Orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours of receipt.

Our publishing partners

The Federation Press has extensive experience in cooperative publishing with community organisations, professional bodies and academic centres such as the Immigration Advice & Rights Centre (Sydney); the Victorian Bar; centres at the Australian National University; and the Australian Academy of Law.


All permission requests must be directed to the Publisher. Please refer to our guidelines in the attached PDF for more information: Permissions

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