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We offer an inspection copy service to academics for titles which are likely to be used as prescribed texts or recommended references. As an academic, you will also receive a lecturer's discount of 25% off the rrp when purchasing titles online.

Academics will need to create an online account with us before ordering inspection copies or purchasing at the lecturer’s discount. To create an account, sign up for our eNewsletter. Make sure you set your Sector as Academic, and select your teaching topics or research areas to receive our email alerts on new relevant titles. Please provide your academic email address, not a personal one.

We aim to approve accounts within 2 business days. If your order is urgent, please call us. On approval, you will be emailed your Account number and the current code for the lecturer’s discount. Please keep this information in a secure location.

I don’t want an account/to log in to place an order

Academics who do not wish to create an account to place orders may order books from us online at our normal direct price, or place orders offline by phone (02 9552 2200) or email. For inspection copies, email

Selecting your inspection copy

You will need to log in to see which books are available for inspection. These are indicated with the icon Available for Academic Inspection.  Click on this icon to make your selection. For more information on how to order click here.

When filling in the Inspection Order Form, please provide as much information as possible about the subject for which the text is required. As well as ensuring that the requested book is suitable for inspection, this will help us assess your needs. You can always discuss your requirements with us – simply phone (02) 9552 2200 and speak to any of our staff.

Titles not available for inspection

Non-textbook titles may be purchased at the lecturer’s discount of 25% off the rrp – pre-payment must accompany your order. The discount is available on all books purchased, but may not be used in conjunction with other promotions.

To receive the discount when you order online, you must have an approved academic account and you must log in before placing your order. Enter both your Account number and the Academic Promotion Code at Checkout or the discount will not apply.

We will provide a refund if the texts are subsequently prescribed by you and purchased by your bookshop or library as texts or references for your students.

Overseas clients

We do not send inspection copies overseas, however titles may be purchased at the lecturer's discount of 25% – prepayment must accompany your order. Please email us directly to place your order:

Alternatively, if we have a local distributor in your country, you can contact them regarding your request for an inspection copy - terms and supply will vary from agent to agent. Please see our list of international agents and distributors.

When you have received your inspection copy

Review the title, complete the Inspection Response Form provided with the book or access it online and return the form to us. You have the option of:

  1. Prescribing the text,
  2. Recommending the text as a reference (must be listed on your recommended reading list),
  3. Returning the text as unsuitable for your course/s (please return in mint condition), or
  4. Purchasing your inspection copy less 25% lecturer's discount.

Prescribed or recommended texts, and desk copies

Please promptly advise your bookshop of your text selection so they can ensure that there is stock in time for your course. Early ordering also helps us organise reprints or order stock from overseas if necessary.

You may request desk copies for tutors, provided the book is prescribed for a course.

New titles and proofs

If you need to inspect a title before publication – for example, if publication is scheduled for just before your course starts – please contact us to obtain proofs. We can send these to you in advance, so that you can make a decision on prescription or recommendation, before publication.

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