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Dr Judith Daylen

Dr Judith Daylen received her MA in cognitive psychology in 1985, and her PhD in clinical psychology in 1994 from the University of British Columbia. During the past 20 years, Dr Daylen has worked primarily with victims of sexual and physical assault. She has worked as a volunteer in a rape crisis centre; has provided individual and group treatment to sexual assault victims; has provided training to a wide range of mental health and legal professionals; and has published research on victims and witnesses of crime.

Currently, Dr Daylen works as a clinical and consulting psychologist, providing consultation to lawyers and assessments of sexual assault victims in civil litigation, class action lawsuits, and the Indian Residential School Alternative Dispute Resolution process. Dr Daylen has expertise in the dynamics of sexual assaults and childhood sexual abuse, assessment of the effects of trauma on psychological functioning and memory, and assessment of the credibility of allegations of abuse.

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