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Terese Henning


Terese Henning is the Director of the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute and a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Tasmania. Her teaching responsibilities have included Evidence Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminology. Her research focuses on Evidence, particularly vulnerable witnesses, Criminal Procedure and Human Rights through the lens of law reform. She has written widely in these areas. In 2006 she conducted the consultation for the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute at the request of the Tasmanian Government on a Charter of Human Rights for Tasmania and wrote the Issues Paper for the consultation and the Final Report for the Government.

Her other publications include: Gans J, Hunter J, Henning T and Warner K (2011) Criminal Process and Human Rights, Federation Press; JHunter JB, Cameron C & Henning T (2005) Litigation I: Civil Process, 7th edition, Australia, LexisNexis; Hunter JB, Cameron C & Henning T (2005) Litigation II: Evidence & Criminal Process, 7th edition, Australia, LexisNexis; Warnings in Sexual Offences Cases Relating to Delay in Complaint, (2006) Tasmanian Law Reform Institute, Final Report No 8, University of Tasmania Press; and, Consolidation of Arrest Laws in Tasmania (2011), Final Report No 15, Tasmanian Law Reform Institute, University of Tasmania Press.


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