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George Winterton

George Winterton

Professor George Winterton LL.B. (First Class Hons), LL.M. (WA); JSD (Columbia); Barrister (NSW), Barrister and Solicitor (Vic and WA) is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Sydney. Prior to his appointment to Sydney University in 2004, he taught for over 28 years at the University of New South Wales.

He served as a member of the Executive Government Advisory Committee of the Constitutional Commission (1985-87). His interest in Australian republicanism, led him to write the original bi-partisan appointment model. In 1993, he served as a member of the Republic Advisory Committee. He was appointed as a delegate to the 1998 Constitutional Convention.

Professor Winterton had written extensively on Australian constitutional law, specifically with relation to the executive and the judiciary. He has also written extensively on the issue of the proposed change in Australia from being a constitutional monarchy to a republic.

VALE - We note with sadness the passing of George Winterton on 6 November 2008.

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