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Access to Justice for a New Century

Access to Justice for a New Century

The way forward

Edited by Julia Bass, W A Bogart and Frederick Zemans

This book is a timely addition to the literature on access to justice. The book's essays address all aspects of the topic, including differing views on the meaning of access to justice; ways to improve access to legal services; litigation and its role in achieving social justice; and the roles of lawyers, citizens, and legal insitutions.

Access to Justice for a New Century is based on papers given at an international symposium presented by the Law Society of Upper Canada, sponsored by the Law Foundation of Ontario.


W A Bogart, Frederick H Zemans and Julia Bass
Access to Justice in Canada Today: Scope, Scale, Ambitions
Roderick A Macdonald
What is Access to Justice?
Constance Backhouse
Access to Justice as a Moving Frontier
Marc Galanter
Speaking the Language of Justice: A New Legal Vernacular
Janice Gross Stein and Adam Cook
Development of Legal Services Policies in England and Wales 1989 - 2002
Stephen Orchard and Aoife O'Grady
Lo, How Sparrow Has Fallen: A Retrospective of the Supreme Court of Canada's Section 35 Jurisprudence
Darlene Johnston
More Litigation, More Justice? The Limits of Litigation as a Social Justice Strategy
Harry Arthurs
Access to Justice for the Middle Class
Herbert M Kritzer

Published January 2005
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9780887594151
Australian RRP $32.95
International Price $30.00
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