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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

By Donald Galloway

This book is a succinct overview of the relevant legal principles, rules, and standards used by courts, tribunals, and government officials in individual Canadian immigration cases.
Professor Galloway defines "immigration law" broadly to include: the law regulating the arrival of individuals as immigrants; the entry of visitors; the process for removal of individuals from the country; and the way in which individuals change their status from within the country, including the process of becoming a citizen.
Finally, the book encompasses refugee law, which is founded on quite distinct principles. Anyone interested in the general shape and sense of Canada's immigration law and policy, in its evolution, and in the issues that will dominate the field in the future, will want to read this book.


Part One - Foundations of Immigration Law

The Evolution of Canadian Immigration Law
Sources of Immigration Law
Immigration Law and Human Rights
Principles of Administrative Law
Status and Loss of Status

Part Two - The Decision-Making Process Outside Canada

Overseas Applications for Landing: General Requirements
Overseas Applications for Landing: The Family Class
Overseas Applications for Landing: Independent Immigrants
Overseas Applications for Landing: Convention
Refugees Seeking Resettlement and Designated Classes
Visitors and Permit Holders

Part Three - The Decision-Making Process Within Canada

Applications for Permanent Residence from within Canada
Exclusion and Removal
Appeals and Judicial Review

Part Four - Canadian Refugee Law

The Definition of Convention Refugee
The Refugee Determination Process
Conclusion: The Road Ahead

Appendix A: Paraphrase of the Provisions of Section 19 of the Immigration Act
Appendix B: Paraphrase of the Provisions of Section 27(1) of the Immigration Act
Appendix C: Paraphrase of the Provisions of Section 27(2) of the Immigration Act

Table of Cases

Published June 1997
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552210178
Australian RRP $60.00
International Price $55.00
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