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Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Legal and business perspectives

By Barry J Reiter and Melanie A Shishler


Increased rates of technological change and globalisation are leading more and more firms to consider joint venture strategies. From a legal perspective however, little if anything has been written on these collaborative business relationships. Now, two of Canada's leading practitioners in the field have prepared the first comprehensive legal treatment of joint ventures, drawing together applicable case law and statutory provisions, and providing specific examples of joint venture relationships drawn from real experience.

If you are looking for a sophisticated understanding of the nature of joint venture relationships, or a practical guide to structuring joint ventures, this book will provide the answers.


Foreword by J Robert S Prichard

The joint venture process

Overview: joint ventures in a global economy

Part 1: Introductory Principles

Introduction to joint ventures
The value of cooperation

Part 2: Alternative Legal Vehicles

Choosing a legal vehicle: customizing standard forms
Formal requirements and general characteristics
Default management structures, transfers, and exit mechanisms
Baseline duties between venturers
Joint venture liability to third parties
Taxation of joint ventures

Part Three: Implementing The Business Plan

Structuring a joint venture for success
Relational considerations: partner selection, culture, objectives, and champions
Governance considerations: decision making, dispute resolution, transfers, and termination
Financial considerations: valuations and initial, ongoing, and emergency financing
Regulatory issues

Part Four: Case Analysis: Applying the Analytical Framework

Joint venture case analysis


Appendix A – Joint Venture Checklist
Appendix B – Sample Agreement for an Unincorporated Joint Venture
Appendix C – Sample Shareholders’ Agreement for a JVC

List of Sample Provisions

Table of Legislation/ Table of Cases/ Index


This splendid book by Barry Reiter and Melanie Shishler reflects business lawyers at their very best. They have applied their formidable talents to producing for both lawyers and business people the seminal text on joint ventures in Canada. While focused on Canadian law, the book draws extensively on the international business and legal literature, reflecting both the increasingly ubiquitous use of joint ventures around the world and the transnational plans and activities of many Canadian businesses.

J Robert S Prichard, from the Foreword

Joint Ventures provides a wealth of relevant and up to date information, and it is valuable as a concise reference work and an educational tool.

James Coates, Saskatchewan Law Review 2001, Vol 64


Published December 1999
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552210369
Australian RRP $70.00
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Law - Canadian Law
Law - Commercial
Law - Company & Securities

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