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Child Support Guidelines in Canada 2004

Child Support Guidelines in Canada 2004

By Julien D Payne and Marilyn A Payne


Child Support Guidelines In Canada is written primarily for practising lawyers and judges who serve in the trenches of family law. The objectives of this text are to provide a comprehensive analysis of the case law, to produce order out of chaos, and to provide a quick and efficient means for readers to gain access to pertinent information on all aspects of the Federal Child Support Guidelines and corresponding provincial guidelines. The emphasis is on analysis and description, not advocacy or evaluation. Efforts have been made to cite all of the most recent relevant cases from every province and territory.

The book represents an updated but condensed version of the electronic book entitled Child Support In Canada, 4th ed., 2003, which appears on Quicklaw and Judicom.


Criteria and Objectives of Child Support
Definitions of "Child of the Marriage", Adult Children, Obligation of De Facto Parent
Determination of Income, Disclosure of Income
Special or Extraordinary Expenses
Shared Parenting Arrangements
Undue Hardship
Impact of Child Support on Spousal Support
Low and High Income Earners Annual Income Over $150,000
Effect of Order or Agreement or other Arrangement that Benefits Child, Consent Orders
Form and Types of Order
Effect, Registration, and Enforcement of Child Support Orders
Variation, Rescission, or Suspension of Child Support Orders

Published January 2004
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552210734
Australian RRP $99.00
International Price $90.00
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