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The Law of Trusts

The Law of Trusts

2nd edition

By Eileen E. Gillese and Martha Milczynski

The new and expanded edition of The Law of Trusts by Hon. Eileen Gillese and Martha Milczynski has been revised to reflect all appellate authority decided since the publication of the first edition in1997. In addition, the book now makes reference to legislation in all Canadian provinces. Written in clear English and illustrated with many practical examples, it describes all aspects of the creation of trusts and their administration. Not only do they explore the origins of the trust in common law, the authors also provide insight into the recent growth in the use of trusts, including the huge expansion in the area of fiduciary relationships and provisions in the Quebec Civil Code, which now allow the use of trusts in that province.


Foreword to the first edition

Part One: Introduction

An Introduction to the Law of Trusts

Part Two: Express Trusts

The Creation of Express Trusts
Purpose Trusts
Changing or Ending a Trust

Part Three: Trusts Arising by the Operation of Law

Resulting Trusts
Constructive Trusts

Part Four: The Trustee

The Appointment, Retirement, and Removal of Trustees
Duties of Trustees
The Powers and Rights of Trustees
Breach of Trust

Table of Cases
About the Authors

Published November 2005
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552211090
Australian RRP $60.00
International Price $55.00
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