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In The Public Interest

In The Public Interest

The future of Canadian copyright law

Edited by Michael Geist


From Grokster to Google, copyright has emerged as one of the Internet's most challenging legal issues. Once limited to a select group of scholars, copyright now captures front page headlines as millions of Canadians consider its impact on education, technology, communication, and culture.

As Canada embarks on a new round of digital copyright reform, this collection of 19 essays from Canada's leading copyright experts provides context and analysis of the latest reform proposals. Edited by Professor Michael Geist, an internationally-regarded authority on Internet and technology law, the collection reviews international copyright norms, assesses dozens of specific Bill C-60 provisions, and identifies potential future copyright reform initiatives. Completed immediately after the introduction of Bill C-60, this timely volume provides policy makers, lawyers, judges, eductors, and interested Canadians with the tools and knowledge they need to participate in a copyright debate that will shape the future of the Internet, culture, and education in Canada.


Part One-Canadian Copyright Reform in Context

Copyright Talk: Patterns and Pitfalls in Canadian Policy Discourses
Laura J Murray
Interests in the Balance
Teresa Scassa
International Copyright Law: W[h]ither User Rights?
Myra Tawfik

Part Two-Bill C-60: A Closer Analysis

Constitutional Jurisdiction Over Paracopyright Laws
Jeremy F deBeer
Deflating the Michelin Man: Protecting Users' Rights in the Canadian Copyright Reform Process
Jane Bailey
If Left to Their Own Devices...How DRM and Anti-circumvention Laws Can Be Used to Hack Privacy
Ian R Kerr
Anti-circumvention Legislation and Competition Policy: Defining a Canadian Way?
Michael Geist
Rights Management Information
Mark Perry
Making Available: Existential Inquiries
David Fewer
Made in Canada: A Unique Approach to Internet Service Provider Liability and Copyright Infringement
Sheryl N Hamilton
The "New Listener" and the Virtual Performer: The Need for a New Approach to Performers' Rights
Mira T Sundara Rajan
Filtering the Flow from the Foundations of Knowledge: Access and Copyright in Education and Libraries
Margaret Ann Wilkinson
The Changing Landscape of Academic Libraries and Copyright Policy: Interlibrary Loans, Electronic Reserves, and Distance Education
Samuel E Trosow
Lights, Camera,...Harmonize: Photography Issues in Copyright Reform
Alex Cameron

Part Three-The Future of Canadian Copyright Reform

The Changing Face of Fair Dealing in Canadian Copyright Law: A Proposal for Legislative Reform
Carys Craig
Taking User Rights Seriously
Abraham Drassinower
Coming to Terms with Copyright
David Lametti
Use of Copyright Content on the Internet: Considerations on Excludability and Collective Licensing
Daniel J Gervais
Crown Copyright and Copyright Reform in Canada
Elizabeth F Judge

Published January 2005
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552211137
Australian RRP $66.00
International Price $60.00
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