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Competition Policy and Intellectual Property

Competition Policy and Intellectual Property

Edited by Marcel Boyer, Michael Trebilcock and David Vaver


Competition Policy and Intellectual Property explores the role of competition policy and intellectual property rights in promoting an efficient and innovative economy. The book contains a collection of papers and commentaries by leading Canadian and international authorities, stemming from a symposium organized by the Competition Bureau in co-operation with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, and the Micro-economic Policy Analysis and Marketplace Framework Policy branches of Industry Canada. Given recent developments such as the rise of authorized generic pharmaceuticals, and the rapid advancements in communications technology, many concerns have emerged about whether the customary methods of licensing intellectual property rights remain the most efficient mechanisms for disseminating intellectual property and encouraging its creation. The papers and commentaries contained in this book reflect an intensive evaluation of these concerns and endeavour to find the right balance between creating incentives for innovation and the encouragement of vigorous competition in the marketplace.



Marcel Boyer, Michael Trebilcock, and David Vaver

Extension of Intellectual Property Rights

Teresa Scassa
Commentary on "Extension of Intellectual Property Rights"
Ejan Mackaay
Commentary: The Social Costs of Rent-seeking by Intellectual Property Owners
Michael J Meurer

Tying and Intellectual Property

Edward M Iacobucci and Ralph A Winter
Commentary: Bright Lines and Cautionary Notes
Timothy J Brennan
Commentary on "Tying and Intellectual Property"
Richard FD Corley and Navin Joneja

Compulsory Licensing

Abraham Hollander
Commentary on "Compulsory Licensing"
Donald McFetridge
Commentary: Mending the Gap - Intellectual Property Competition Law, and Compulsory Licensing
E Richard Gold

An Evaluation of Collective Copyright Management in Canada

Jacques Robert
Commentary on "An Evaluation of Collective Copyright Management in Canada"
Paul Audley
Commentary: Is Collective Administration of Copyrights Justified by the Economic Literature?
Ariel Katz



Published April 2009
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552211656
Australian RRP $125.00
International Price $115.00
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