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Canadian Family Law

Canadian Family Law

8th edition

By Julien D Payne and Marilyn A Payne


Canadian Family Law provides expert insight into a wide variety of legal issues that confront Canadian families today. The authors bring their readers up to date with notable trial and appellate decisions issued since the publication of the seventh edition of Canadian Family Law in 2017. Canadian Family Law will be of particular interest to judges, legal practitioners, mediators, arbitrators, and other professionals who require an understanding of the law relating to families. It also provides a unique source of information for law students and their professors as well as members of the public who face domestic crises and the threat of marriage breakdown.  Previous editions of this text has been cited on hundreds of occasions in courts across Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada.



1. Family Structures and Canadian Family Law
2. Marriage
3. Cohabitational Relationships
4. Domestic Contracts
5. Family Violence
6. The Crises of Marriage Breakdown and Processes for Dealing with Them
7. Divorce: Jurisdiction; Judgments; Foreign Divorces; Grounds for Divorce; Bars
8. Spousal Support on or after Divorce
9. Child Support on or after Divorce
10. Parenting Arrangements after Divorce
11. Appeals
12. Remedies Available under Provincial and Territorial Legislation
13. Matrimonial Property Rights

Table of Cases
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Published 12 August 2020
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552215456
Australian RRP $90.00
International Price $85.00
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