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National Security Law

National Security Law

2nd edition

By Craig Forcese and Leah West


National Security Law, 2e, is about the law governing the Canadian state’s response to serious crises — that is, events that jeopardize its national security. The book approaches national security law as a system, organizing its discussion of law around five themes: structure (the mandate and roles of national security agencies); threats (aggression, terrorism, interference, proliferation, and emergencies); information (domestic and international intelligence collection, sharing, and information secrecy); response (including security screening and assessment, aviation “no fly” listings, passport revocation, immigration detention and removals, peace bonds, preventive detention, threat reduction, defensive and offensive cyber, criminal prosecutions, and use of force); and accountability (national security review).

Given the evolution of Canadian law in these areas, this second edition is a comprehensive rewrite of the first edition, first published in 2007.


List of Tables, Charts and Figures
Preface and Acknowledgements to the Second Edition
Preface and Acknowledgements to the First Edition

Chapter 1: Scope
Chapter 2: Dilemmas
Chapter 3: Institutions
Chapter 4: Aggression
Chapter 5: Terrorism
Chapter 6: Interference
Chapter 7: Proliferation
Chapter 8: Emergencies
Chapter 9: Source
Chapter 10: Search
Chapter 11: Share
Chapter 12: Withhold
Chapter 13: Screen
Chapter 14: Restrain
Chapter 15: Interrupt
Chapter 16: Prosecute
Chapter 17: Force
Chapter 18: Review

Table of Cases
About the Authors


Published 1 December 2020
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552215517
Australian RRP $89.95
International Price $83.00
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Law - Canadian Law
Law - Human Rights
Law - International

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