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Financial Skills for Professionals

Financial Skills for Professionals

By Vern Krishna


It is important for professionals and lawyers in commercial, corporate, family, estate, civil litigation, and criminal practices to understand the rudimentary concepts of accounting and financial law. Professionals often fear financial statements. This book uses clear, concise explanations and simple numerical examples of what lawyers and professional persons need to know to understand financial law and statements.



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Overview of Financial Statements

Chapter 3: Fundamental Accounting Concepts

Chapter 4: Accounting Principles

Chapter 5: Time Value of Money

Chapter 6: The Balance Sheet — General

Chapter 7: The Balance Sheet — Assets

Chapter 8: Liabilities

Chapter 9: Equity

Chapter 10: The Income Statement

Chapter 11: Statement of Retained Earnings

Chapter 12: Statement of Cash Flows

Chapter 13: Notes to Financial Statements

Chapter 14: Reports on Financial Statements

Chapter 15: Interpretation of Financial Statements

Chapter 16: Accounting and Law

Chapter 17: Law and Accounting

Chapter 18: Investment and Retirement Planning

Appendix A: Time Value Tables

Appendix B: Duggan Inc



About the Author


Published 31 August 2020
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552215609
Australian RRP $75.00
International Price $70.00
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