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Adaptation to Climate Change

Adaptation to Climate Change

Law and Policy

Edited by Tim Bonyhady, Andrew Macintosh and Jan McDonald


While climate policy has focused overwhelmingly on the science and on reducing emissions, policy makers are increasingly focused on how to adapt to changes are already “locked in”, changes that will bring significant social economic and environmental impacts.

Adaptation will require technological innovation as well as behavioural and attitudinal change. This book covers the legal dimensions of adaptation and addresses challenges across sector interests. It considers whether existing regulatory and governance frameworks are supportive, adaptable or barriers to necessary change. The authors cover the key issues: sea level rise, planning; water security; climate justice; conservation regimes; the role of the courts; insurance; compensation; and the law of disasters.


Mapping the legal landscape of climate change adaptation
Jan McDonald
A theoretical framework for adaptation policy
Andrew Macintosh
From blueprint to footprint: Climate change and the challenge for planning
Anne Leitch, Ben Harman and Marcus B Lane
Swimming in the Streets: The Beginnings of Planning for Sea Level Rise
Tim Bonyhady
How adaptable are our conservation regimes?
Jeff Smith
Adaptation measures for water security in a changing climate: Policy, planning and law
Poh-Ling Tan
The role of courts in relation to adaptation to climate change
Brian J Preston
Adaptation and climate justice
Daniel A Farber
An insurer’s approach to management of climate risks
Sonia Powell
Paying the price of adaptation: Compensation for climate change impacts
Jan McDonald
The law of disasters
Tim Bonyhady


Published 21 October 2010
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862877962
Australian RRP $59.95
International Price $55.00
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Law - Environmental

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