Expert Evidence in Criminal Law:

Expert Evidence in Criminal Law:

The Scientific Approach

2nd edition

By Alan D Gold

Expert Evidence in Criminal Law: The Scientific Approach by Alan D. Gold is the first and only Canadian book on expert evidence entirely from a scientific perspective.

The book is written in plain language, making it easily accessible to lawyers and judges approaching the topic for the first time. At the same time, it contains all the principles and knowledge needed to expose bogus experts and junk science and to reduce inflated expert evidence to its proper valuation.

Everything from forensic identification evidence, including fingerprints and toolmarks, to psychological and psychiatric evidence, such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, are discussed and evaluated according to the rules of science and the deficiences and weaknesses of the evidence are demonstrated in detail.

The book has been thoroughly updated in this new edition to reflect developments in both the law and science.


Published 10 August 2009
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552211700
Australian RRP $64.90
International Price $60.00