The First Year Experience

The First Year Experience

Start, stay and succeed at uni

By Ann Game and Andrew Metcalfe


This book aims to help students struggling with the transition from school or work to university. It explains how to enjoy university study, and how to transform even the difficult times into positive learning experiences. Most importantly it shows how enjoying the learning process leads to better results.

With a Foreword by Professor Craig McInnis (University of Melbourne) and Professor Adrian Lee (University of New South Wales). In their words:

"The key feature of The First Year Experience is not that is based on the experience of the authors alone, who have a long and successful record of teaching first year students well, but that it incorporates the view of real, living students at a large and sometimes bewildering university. We hear of their hopes, their disappointments, their moments of enlightenment and above all some of the approaches they have successfully negotiated to succeed in, overcome and enjoy their university experience."

Published August 2003
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862874701
Australian RRP $17.95
International Price $17.00